-Self Portrait- 2003 - Oils - <br />
This is probably my favorite painting or work in general, that I have ever done.  Done for my Sr. Painting class at St.FX.<br />
The assignment: Do a self portrait without using your face.<br />
The initial idea was to create this pose rather small on a large canvas, as though I were sitting in a corner.<br />
When it came time to put it through, I suppose my inner ego got the better of me and I chose to go close up.<br />
Favorite Parts: The emotion I take from it, The colors, and the success at portraying who I am, without using the emotions of my face.<br />
I'd be hard pressed to part with this one, but I'm willing to entertain offers if anyone loves me enough to want to have me hanging in their house.

Carrie Dennehy

    Welcome to the Home of Carrie Dennehy Arts.
    I am a Painter and Photographer who believes that all of the arts are meant to connect us in many ways. My works seek to connect me, the artist, to you the viewer, you to whomever you see my works with, and whatever it is that pushes me to create to the parts of you that seek out creative things.
    Most of my work deals with the connections behind the subjects. I revel in color and its ability to create emotions.
    I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or comments.

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